There are many ways in which you can support us, which can include your time and specific skill set.


Chair of Trustees

Having left university, I worked at Coutts in private banking, before running my own business. I became involved in SEN around the same time my daughter was diagnosed with severe Autism. I have worked with our Local Authority for many years, first as a Chair of Governors at Greenvale School, and a trust governor at Watergate School. I am also a board member on the Watergate and Brent Knoll Trust. Since retiring, I have been able to devote more time supporting families who have a child with a disability/special need. Joining Ravensbourne has enabled me to carry on that work, and as an organisation, we have gone from strength to strength. Our staff has always been supportive, and without them our work would not be possible. We have always had the support of our Local Authority and continue to do so. We are entering a new phase with our organisation, and we are continuing with our plans to support many more of our young people. I am very proud to be current Chair of the Board and hope to support Ravensbourne for many years to come.


Vice Chair

I have lived in Lewisham for 30 years and consider myself a firm resident of SE London. I have a Degree in Environmental Biology and since 1984, I have been a professional storyteller. I have four grown up children, the youngest of whom has a complex syndrome giving her learning and neurological disabilities. Having supported her through school and college, she is now in supported living in an ‘intentional community’. Until having my daughter, I knew nothing of special needs, and now feel that there is nothing wrong with being different. I feel very strongly that children with disabilities and their families should be given the same opportunities as everyone else and Ravensbourne helps to provide those opportunities. As an organisation, we have already done so much, and I can’t wait to see what we do in the future.



I joined Ravensbourne as a volunteer in 2004, and soon after became the chair for several years.  I was heavily involved in the purchase of Crantock Road, and we are still here today.  It turned out to be a great decision, as it has enabled the organisation to move forward with their plans. I have also been involved with the Rotarians of SE London and have in the past, named Ravensbourne as our chosen charity for the year. I am extremely proud of the work that we have achieved, alongside our dedicated staff.  My aim for this year is to continue raising funds for this worthwhile cause, along with continuing my support for the organisation in the long run.



I have worked in Special Education for over 38 years. First, I was a class teacher, then a Deputy Head, and in the last 10 years as Head Teacher of a special school. Th majority of my pupils had a diagnosis of autism, and the remaining ones severe and profound learning difficulties. A major part of my role was developing and maintaining a strong relationship with the families of our students in their education, wellbeing and social development. I retired a few years ago but wanted to continue my involvement in supporting students. At present I am the Vice Chair of Governors at a special school and have now joined the Ravensbourne Board of Trustees. I am enjoying my time with the organisation and would like to be a part of their future.