Ravensbourne Project Intern's Bio

An Intern’s Bio

There are many ways in which you can support us, which can include your time and specific skill set. This year we are in association with University of Brighton Business School by taking on our first industrial placement as part of the student’s degree.

Isabelle Webb is Ravensbourne Project’s first ever venture in internships and together with the University of Brighton Business School, we have employed her for her industrial placement which is a component of her undergraduate degree.

“As part of my Business Management with Economics Degree, I get the opportunity to work for a year and experience a role that I could work in once I graduate. I work with Ravensbourne as their Business Support Officer and from day one I have been given a level of responsibility that works for me and I work with people who know everything about the industry. I run day to day office administration, as well as leading projects such as integrating a new HR system to the organisation and designing the current website. Even being aware of the great service due to having a sister who previously used it, my mind was opened to just how much goes on behind the scenes to ensure the service is given. I know I will learn a lot during my year at Ravensbourne and I am glad that I am able to o er my skills to an organisation that does amazing things with its young people.”